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AIRating - Artificial Intelligence to support the evidence-based rating of information

With the support of the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse, in this joint work with Impaakt, we aim to operationalize and evaluate the impact of companies and provide a specialized search engine, targeted at ranking sources for impact analysis. We will build on and extend recent advances in deep learning to analyze various dimensions of impact to reduce the manual curation efforts.


The aim of the KnoMIE (V2.0) project is to augment the invention discovery platform developed during the V1.0 project with additional novel components. These are required to address opportunities discovered in the industrial use cases and worked examples developed during V1.0 and to directly address the associated unmet customer requirements. V2.0 will allow Iprova to accelerate its growth by ultimately further increasing the efficiency with which it can generate inventions.


Real-time Engine for Selecting Information for Patentable Innovation

Iprova Sarl has developed a semi-automated technology for the automatic generation of certain classes of physical science inventions. Its technology has already produced a number of innovations including one which has been patented by EPFL. A number of leading companies have evaluated Iprova's technology and agreed to participate in a pilot program. The aim of the proposed project is to produce a fully automated version of the technology. This includes addressing key challenges such as semantic correlation in the context of automated innovation.

The project is supported by the CTI.