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Three research associate positions at SIB Text Mining / HES-SO, Geneva Switzerland

The SIB Text Mining group in Geneva is looking for three associate researcher positions. The succesful candidates will help supporting the thread of activities of the group and in particular the following assets:

  1. tools to support biocuration
  2. litterature services
  3. infrastructures to support personalized health. For more information (staff members, publications, fundings...) about the group at the HES-SO and at SIB, please visit and

The candidate must have the following profile:

  • A PhD or 5 years of experience in computer sciences or equivalent (statistics, computationnal linguistics, information sciences...),
  • Expert in information retrieval or natural language processing
  • Expert in big data analytics or machine learning
  • A knowledge of the biomedical field (bioinformatics, medical informatics, ...) would be an asset.