Luc Mottin

Scientific collaborator HESSO / Postdoc UNIGE
Current projects :

  • Disprot GUI : Biocuration tool for DisProt, based on the neXtA5 model.
  • CovidTriage & CoVoc : Biocuration tool for Covid Research, based on a new dedicated ontology.
  • CINECA : Accelerating disease research and improving health by facilitating transcontinental human data exchange.

Previous projects :

  • neXtPresso :  litterature-based biocuration platform for proteomics.
  • EXPAND : maintaining and upgrading epSOS assets to exchange Electronic Health Records into different languages (e.g. French, German).
  • CEF eHealth : Go Live following the EXPAND project
  • Infonet Economy : maintaining this platform to publications and economic resources from Swiss institutions & partners.
  • Collaboration on NRP73: Classification of newspaper articles and detection of economic uncertainty.
Working for Bitem
Professional address: 
Campus de Battelle, Bâtiment B, 17 Rue de la Tambourine, 1227 Carouge