Swiss Variant Interpretation Platform for Oncology (SVIP-O) goes live !

Nowadays in Switzerland, most cancerous tumours are sequenced in order to characterize their molecular profile and decide on the most appropriate treatment. But not all genetic mutations found in tumours have the same clinical relevance. The Swiss Variant Interpretation Platform for Oncology (SVIP-O) was launched by SIB, ETH Zurich and HES-SO to offer a harmonized interpretation of cancer variants to clinicians. SVIP-O, now available in its first public version, is funded by the BioMedIT project and the Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN). It is one of the first SPHN infrastructure development projects to be up and running.
SVIP-O provides a complete FAIR pipeline to support the interpretation of genetic variants, from advanced literature search (MEDLINE,  PubMed Central and, biological curation (UniProt biocuration team) up to clinical expertise (Molecular pathology, Oncology and Hematology). The services are supported by Variomes (, which provides an holistic search capacity accross the literature (MEDLINE and PubMed Central) and the database. Variomes leverages the SIBiLS API (SIB Literature Services and the SynVar variant expansion services (
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