Suicide Notes: Their Utility in Understanding the Motivations Behind Suicide and Preventing Future Ones.

A multidisciplinary study made in cooperation with the the University Hospitals of Geneva, the Medical Faculty of the University of Geneva, involving forensic medicine, psychiatry, psychology, and text analytics...
Niveau G, Frioud E, Aguiar D, Ruch P, Auckenthaler O, Baudraz J, Fracasso T.

Among the different research methods on suicide notes, the theoretical conceptual approach allows a particularly thorough understanding of the suicidal act. The present study focuses on 78 suicide notes collected in Geneva, Switzerland, between 2006 and 2014. The socio-demographic and medical data of the writers' notes were collected. The conceptual content of the notes was analyzed by two independent raters using the Leenaars method. The results showed that the concepts that appeared most frequently in the notes were: Inability to adjust, Rejection-aggression, Unbearable pain, and Ego. Very few differences were found in the conceptual content when stratified for age, gender, socio-economic status, or religion. This study confirms and complements the findings of similar studies on the content of suicide notes.