Outcomes of Big Data Conference at HEG

Extracting Business Value from Big Data

The 23rd of May 2013 took place an interesting conference in HEG, Geneva. This conference was organise by the Swiss India Business Forum and invited students and researchers to an interactive and lively event on "Big Data" in Geneva, gathering Swiss and INdian Speakers.  This document reminds the purpose, the agenda and gives access to some presentation of the conference.


How to mine the huge data repositories available today to extract market trends, business opportunities and more generally patterns that would be of value to the business? What are the trends? Who are the actors? What are the techniques? Where to get help with these technologies?


  • Prof Dr T.V. Prabhakar, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India. Title: “Big Data Education in India: Preparing the Workforce to the Looming Revolution in Science and Business” (presentation)
  • Prof Dr Thomas Gauthier, Geneva School of Business Administration. Former Clinical Research Director and Strategist at Philips. Title: “Towards evidence-based market access strategy: a big data-driven paradigm shift in the health industry
  • Prof Dr Alexandros Kalousis, Geneva School of Business Administration. Title: “Big Data and Knowledge Discovery”
  • Puneet Agarwal, Scientist, TCS Innovation Labs, Delhi, Tata Consultancy Services. Title: "Enterprise Big Data Analytics Use Case" 

Here is the full program of the Big Data Conference

Bitem was invited to the final discussion, and presented its Big Data expertise in presentation.