BITEM Projects

MD Paedigree

The HES-SO Geneva (BiTeM) and Valais (MedGift) join forces to participate in the MD Paedigree project (Objective ICT-2011.5.2: Virtual Physiological Human). The Integrated Project, coordinated by OPBG, has been accepted for negociation by the European Union.


MD-Paedigree represents a clinically-driven and strongly VPH-rooted project, where 7 world-renowned clinical centres of excellence pursue improved interoperability of paediatric biomedical information, data and knowledge by developing together a set of reusable and adaptable multi-scale models for more predictive, individualised, effective and safer paediatric healthcare, being scientifically and technologically supported by one of the leading industrial actors in medical applications in Europe operating in conjunction with highly qualified S

WebSO: An Open Source Web intelligence System

L’objectif de WebSO est de concevoir et développer un outil de veille qui soit une véritable plateforme de veille à destination des PME ou petites entités.
Cette plateforme a comme objectifs d’être open source, open data et à coût modéré ; elle sera dotée de fonctionnalités de collecte, de traitement/analyse, d’organisation, de diffusion et de stockage de l’information.


Web Strategy and Observation


The main project objective is to develop a competitive intelligence prototype for SME. The business model is part of the project and will be clarified during the first part of the project. However one of the motivation is to deliver Open Source Tools to help SME. 

Duration: 18 months



Feasibility study with the goal to get a better insight in full-text search opportunities on top of a patent database.


Real-time Engine for Selecting Information for Patentable Innovation

KHRESMOI: Knowledge Helper for Medical and Other Information users

A multi-modal search and access system for biomedical information and documents to federate literature (MEDLINE), including full-text contents (e.g. PubMed Central), knowledge bases (e.g. Orphanet, OMIM...), and web contents (e.g. Wikipedia, MedPedia...).
Work programme topic addressed
ICT-2009.4.3: Intelligent Information Management
Start: 1 September 2010
End: 31 August 2014
Duration: 48 months
Budget (total): approx. €10 Million


A Scalable Competitive Intelligence Platform
The project is supported by the CTI. The project is a partnership between CREAPOLE SA (Jura).

GOAssay: Gene Ontology Annotation of PubChem Assays

A joint collaboration with the University of Indiana.

An experiment to functionally annotate PubChem assays using the Gene Ontology Categorizer (GOCat). The assays are processed to filter out non functional information, then the textual content is sent to the categorizer, which provide a ranked list of GO descriptors based on a GOA-learned association model.


epSOS Smart Open Services for European Patients - is the main European electronic Health (eHealth) interoperability project co-funded by the European Commission and the partners. It focuses on improving medical treatment of citizens while abroad by providing health professionals with the necessary patient data.