BITEM Projects

Discussion filière ID 2028 !

Lieu: Seedspace, Chêne-Bougerie
Horaire: 9:15-16:15
Pause déjeuner: 12:00-13:15
Pause café (en session): 10:00
Animation: tournante selon l'agenda ci-dessous
Détecteur de terriers: Alexandre
Gardien du temps: Patrick
Le but est de définir ce que la filière sera (cours, étudiants, profs, projets...) dans 20 ans, quand la plupart d'entre nous sera retraitée... nous commencerons modestement par viser 2028 !
Les objectifs de la journée sont:


Web Intelligence for Rare Disease 

The WeIRD project aims to provide the informational instruments needed to navigate, search and ultimately question the web evidence space of RD by providing access to high-quality specific contents helpful to help diagnosing RD. The system will use advanced information retrieval and text mining methods to holistically crawl, index and finally analyze all the explicit and implicit knowledge available on Rare Diseases. 



The EXPAND project aims to exploit a number of selected eHealth assets developed in various initiatives in order to move from a set of point-solution pilots to a large-scale deployment of cross-border facilities. All of this with the aim of supporting Member States (MS) in delivering their local eHealth plans and improving cross-border care.


Thanks to the support of the SNF, the CALIPHO and BiTeM groups join forces to develop the next generation litterature-based biocuration platform for proteomics ! The CALIPHO group, headed by Amos Bairoch maintains the neXtProt molecular biology database.


The aim of the KnoMIE (V2.0) project is to augment the invention discovery platform developed during the V1.0 project with additional novel components. These are required to address opportunities discovered in the industrial use cases and worked examples developed during V1.0 and to directly address the associated unmet customer requirements. V2.0 will allow Iprova to accelerate its growth by ultimately further increasing the efficiency with which it can generate inventions.

MD Paedigree

The HES-SO Geneva (BiTeM) and Valais (MedGift) join forces to participate in the MD Paedigree project (Objective ICT-2011.5.2: Virtual Physiological Human). The Integrated Project, coordinated by OPBG, has been accepted for negociation by the European Union.


MD-Paedigree represents a clinically-driven and strongly VPH-rooted project, where 7 world-renowned clinical centres of excellence pursue improved interoperability of paediatric biomedical information, data and knowledge by developing together a set of reusable and adaptable multi-scale models for more predictive, individualised, effective and safer paediatric healthcare, being scientifically and technologically supported by one of the leading industrial actors in medical applications in Europe operating in conjunction with highly qualified S

WebSO: An Open Source Web intelligence System

L’objectif de WebSO est de concevoir et développer un outil de veille qui soit une véritable plateforme de veille à destination des PME ou petites entités.
Cette plateforme a comme objectifs d’être open source, open data et à coût modéré ; elle sera dotée de fonctionnalités de collecte, de traitement/analyse, d’organisation, de diffusion et de stockage de l’information.


Web Strategy and Observation


The main project objective is to develop a competitive intelligence prototype for SME. The business model is part of the project and will be clarified during the first part of the project. However one of the motivation is to deliver Open Source Tools to help SME. 

Duration: 18 months



Feasibility study with the goal to get a better insight in full-text search opportunities on top of a patent database.