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DisprotGUI is a service platform developed to help DisProt curators dealing with literature (MEDLINE/PMC).
The documents were fully annotated using the Disprot ontology and indexed into SIBiLS. On the top of that, the search engine is set up to rank the articles according to their potential interest for the curation.
Related webservices are described here:

UniProt Classifier - UPCLASS

To provide a systematic way of categorizing computationally mapped bibliography in UniProt, we developed a pipeline to automatically classify publications for accession annotations. This service is useful for enriching automatically mapped bibliography in Uniprot but it could be also helpful to help curators to decide whether a publication is relevant for further curation for a protein accession.


neXtA5: Accelerating Annotation of Articles via Automated Approaches in neXtProt

An annotation tool developped to help neXtProt curators dealing with litterature.
The tool has been setup on the axis: Diseases, (GO) {Biological Process, Molecular Function, Cellular Components}, and Protein Interactions (focussing on binding). Additional entities (Species, ECO, and drugs) are now annotated for curation purposes.
Related webservices are also available via APIs:


This tool allows to harvest twitter continuously from keywords or locations. The harvested results are written on the file system. (and github

Webcheck: An open source monitoring service for web services

This is a really simple monitoring service to check continuoustly health of the Web sites or web services from JSON object or regular expression.
It'is wriitten with Node.js
More information here:

Language Detector

Language Detector detects a language of the provided text in URL


A Knowledge Authoring and Refinement Tool for clinical guidelines management on infectious disease (new version).
KART is a tool dedicated to clinical guidelines experts, developed within a research project called DebugIT. It aims at improving clinical guidelines creation and update by proposing text-mining and data-mining services.