Research assistant or associate researcher in Information Sciences


Join the SIB Text Mining team in Geneva and help clinicians to make actionable sense of genetic variants. We are looking for a research assistant or associate researcher in Computer Science/Bioinformatics with demonstrated experience and knowledge of Text Mining. The selected candidate will work within the context of the Swiss Variant Interpretation Platform for Oncology (SVIP-O), a SIB project to make personalized health a scalable reality. SVIP-O aims to provide a central resource for clinicians and researchers to annotate and interpret clinically verified variants in cancer. Not only will this reduce discrepancies in variant annotation, but also mitigate the great manual workload for clinical sites, when interpreting conflicting annotations. 

Under the responsability of a professor HES, the candidate will mainly participate to the SVIP-O project:
- Manipulation of text collections, in particular in the biomedical field
- Development and evaluation of data mining and predictive analysis models
- Development of services and graphical user interfaces for demonstration purposes
- Writing of scientific reports and other scientific communications, mainly in English
- Participation to scientific conferences and project meetings, mainly in English
The detailed description of the position is available by following the link below: