Enriching the trustworthiness of health-related web pages.

TitleEnriching the trustworthiness of health-related web pages.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsGaudinat, A, Cruchet, S, Boyer, C, Chawdhry, P
JournalHealth informatics journal
Date Published2011 Jun

We present an experimental mechanism for enriching web content with quality metadata. This mechanism is based on a simple and well-known initiative in the field of the health-related web, the HONcode. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) format and the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set were used to formalize these metadata. The model of trust proposed is based on a quality model for health-related web pages that has been tested in practice over a period of thirteen years. Our model has been explored in the context of a project to develop a research tool that automatically detects the occurrence of quality criteria in health-related web pages.

Alternate JournalHealth Informatics J
PubMed ID21712355